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Fill The Frame

Fill the Frame

For this month’s title, go to the Competition page on our Blog. Each month the boss will come up with a brand new title. All you have to do is print off the frame and fill in the picture. Be as creative as possible – Dare to Dream!

Fill The Frame

Professional masks:

There are 3 blank masks that show different types of jobs. Print one or all of them and colour them in.

Finish the drawing

Finish the drawing

This picture has been started; it shows part of a workplace, but what type? Could it be an office? A TV studio? Hospital ward? A shop? Where do you think? Let your imagination go wild!

Scribble page

Choose from ‘Higher Futures 4U’, ‘Attitude’ or ‘Me’ and finish the doodle to illustrate the title you have chosen. Remember that it can be in any colour, any style and any size you want.

Get creative for Higher Futures:

We set a challenge to some of the adults linked to Higher Futures 4U, or people who have heard of the project, to answer the following 6 questions;

  • Favourite subject at school
  • Dream job
  • Favourite hobby / pastime
  • Favourite book
  • Best skill / Smart
  • Favourite place

They had to then draw/ write/ colour the answers onto an A4 piece of paper. We have put some of them onto our competition page.

We would also like to put some of yours next to them. So how would your picture look? Grab yourself a piece of paper and get started!

If you would like to enter any of your pictures then send them to;

HF4U - Competitions
Minshull House,
47-49 Chorlton Street,
M1 3FY.